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Get It Together
When selling a home you want potential buyers to see the house as perfect, and give them no excuses to think otherwise!  First impressions are lasting impressions. That’s one reason that staging is so important. Staging highlights your home’s best features and creates a neutral, spacious atmosphere that will appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers.  The less work potential buyers think they’ll need to invest into their new home, the better! When you are ready to sell your home, you need to view it as a product. You want to maximize the equity you secure from it.  You don’t need to make large investments or break the bank, either. The reasonable investments you may need to make to repair and improve your home will be amply returned to you when you sell the home faster and for more money.The End Goal: To make your home as appealing as possible so it sells quickly and for an excellent price!
Anyone who has had to move their parents knows what kind of time, and stress, it can be.  It is particularly challenging for older adults and their families when it’s time to pack up a home they have lived in their entire lives. Dealing with 20, 30, or 40+years of ‘stuff’ is a huge undertaking. Let us help you with this time-consuming task!
Get It Together Inc. understands that moving and settling into a new home and possibly a new city is a major event in ones life.  We also understand that relocating is not a ‘cookie-cutter’ process and every move is unique!  Think of you Move Manager as your Personal Assistant for your entire move.  Our Move Managers ensure that each move is customized to suit the needs of our clients.  We provide a one-person contact who will ensure everything is getting done and deadlines are being met. We planmanage and coordinate all aspects of your move.  Whether you are moving within the city or relocating elsewhere, Get It Together Inc. will alleviate the stress of moving!  Simply put, we move people – not boxes!
We organize your new residence or office by putting away items into the new spaces so that your space is organized right off the start!

Imagine: coming home or starting out the next day with no boxes and everything in it’s place!


After we professionally stage a home that is going to be sold, we typically hear a comment such as:

I can’t believe the change!  Why were we not living like this before?

When you walk into your home do you find yourself saying:

  • I don’t like this space?
  • I don’t like the way the furniture looks?
  • What is up with the paint colour on our walls?
  • Why is there not enough space for all of our things?
  • I don’t want to do major renovations but know this house needs a change!

We offer Professional Staging and Professional Organizing for individuals and families who have no intention of moving.


Plan, manage and coordinate all aspects of your move allowing employees to continue to work with minimum distractions.

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3 responses to “Get It Together”

  1. ChicFlicks says:

    We hired Sheri to take care of our latest move. We’ve moved across the country 4 times and have had every kind of moving experience you can imagine. Sheri is thorough, attentive and takes the stress out of moving. Everything was orchestrated perfectly and any issues were immediately dealt with.

    I highly recommend Sheri for her professionalism and skill. She gets excited about moving, and will take great care of your belongings and you.

  2. Sheri is extremely detail oriented. She knows how to start a project, follow through on a project, and make it the best project you’ve ever seen. I first met Sheri through The Brighter Side YYC blog where I had the opportunity to explore her professional organization company Get It Together Inc. From there, it didn’t take long to realize that Sheri and I have similar views on empowering other businesses to succeed. From there we teamed up to create Brighter Business Empower Inc.

    Sheri is a team leader who has a vision to succeed. Her strength lies in her dedication and passion to make things work. She is a born leader, and a top notch team player. Sheri is an exceptional business partner and an amazing teacher. I learn from her everyday, and can’t wait to see where we go from here!

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