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Christina Rowsell

Christina Rowsell is a recognized broadcast professional. Christina has been on the airwaves for over 22 years. From flying over the city to report traffic, co-hosting mornings, working in the promotions department, hosting locally produced TV, to producing and hosting a syndicated show across Canada.

But she doesn’t stop there.  Christina is also the Vice President of Brighter Business Empower Inc.  The place small business owners learn BIG ideas.  She’s also the Editor of the FREE Brighter Business Empower Magazine.  Get your copy HERE!

WAIT there’s more!  Christina also offers Media Coaching.  Creating your OWN Media Release will be one of the most effective (and inexpensive) marketing tools you’ll ever learn.  She’ll guide you on HOW to effectively write a release and teach you WHO to send it to by creating your own Media list.   

And in her spare time she likes to spread Good News, Great Ideas and introduce you to Amazing People with her blog The Brighter Side

Visit to learn more!


2 responses to “Christina Rowsell”

  1. Sheri says:

    When you think of working with a media personality you might tend to get nervous or flustered. Working with Christina was not like that at all! She is so easy to talk to (and with), she listens to your questions, and really takes a keen interest in your business.

    Christina has done press release consulting for my business a few times. When I find it challenging to find an angle, Christina is quick to see the side that would interest people. She is quick to know what will evoke emotion and what might get the media’s attention. Working IN the business, it’s often hard to see outside of it. Christina is definitely a pro in helping you create a professional and fantastic release.

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